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Our job is to make your job easier
We will, for example, communicate with print vendors to ensure your brochure is delivered on time. We’ll keep a backup copy of your website design, in case you lose your files. We’ll obtain your product data from your existing catalog design company so you don’t have to. And so on.

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Personal approach
At barnastudios you are always assigned a point of contact. However, this won’t be an account manager or someone else with zero design experience. This means you’ll have the opportunity to communicate directly with the design team, exchange ideas and share your feedback. You won’t be treated like “an account”.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

A Website is one of the fundamental platforms for an online business. Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or service provider, you are going to need a website to showcase your products and services in the digital world. A website acts as an online store for your business and a dynamic website makes it even more convenient.

Having that said, Let me enlist various reasons why a website is important to any business

1) Providing information: A website is an All-in-one solution for providing useful information to your visitors. Whether, you want to provide any information on latest products or service or if you wanna communicate with your visitors, a website is a perfect place to get started from.

2) Customer Relationship Management: A website can act as an effective customer relationship management if done correctly.You can communicate with your users regarding their problems and provide them the solution. These all can be performed through a single website.

3) Accessible: A website is always online and accessible 24/7. Your customers and potential customers can visit your site whenever it is more convenient for them. They can search for information about your upcoming products and/or services at any time of the day and night. Your website is a precious and always-available resource for information which would otherwise only be accessible during your regular business hours.

4) Increases sales: Let us consider that you are the best garment product seller in the city. But if anyone from the neighbouring town would be interested in your product, there is no way that they an find you if they are not in your locality. This is where the importance of having a website creates impact on. In the prior situation with website for your business, you can always be found online whether the customer is from your locality or they are from other continent. A website makes it easier for a globalised business environment.

5) Advertising: Gone are the days when you had to pay thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to get your product/service/business in front of prospective clients through different advertising mediums like newspapers, magazines and Tv commercials. People’s behaviour has changed with the change in technology. People hangout more on their mobile phones than on TV or Newspapers these days.This is the main reason, your business needs a website in this digital world. It is one of the least expensive form of Advertising. Just post an update and share it with your readers, This is as simple as sending an email.

6) Build Authority for Your Business: In today’s economy, your website is becoming increasingly important for customers researching a small business. They want to be assured that you’re stable enough to have a dedicated professional web presence. They want to be sure you are here to stay! By having a website for your business, you show customers that this is where they can reach you or learn more about your company. All of this builds authority for your business.Without a website, you’re at a huge disadvantage as a small business trying to communicate with your customers.

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